The ultimate guide to rent your first apartment

August 31, 2020
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Pictured: Mayfair on Jasper, Edmonton, Alberta

Congratulations! You have made the big decision of renting your first apartment. As exciting as this transition is, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. That's why we compiled a list of the five most important steps to rent your first apartment to keep the process stress-free and enjoyable!

1. Budget

First things first, before going apartment hunting, you need to figure out what your budget is. Establishing a budget will help determine what you can afford and what things you may have to compromise on. Here is a great tool to help you create your own budget. Centurion offers apartments that suit all kinds of budget needs! Can't decide yet? You might want to consider our short-term lease options for a minimum of three months. Just ask our friendly leasing team — we are here to work with you!

2. Location

Location, location, location! This is probably one of the most important criteria when looking for an apartment. If the location does not fit your lifestyle needs, you will find yourself looking for another place sooner than you thought, no matter how much you like the place. Luckily, Centurion has a large portfolio of apartments across Canada — from British Columbia to Nova Scotia — you are sure to find your happy place with us! Looking to relocate to the U.S.? We have properties there too!

3. Property Tour

The property tour is the perfect opportunity to check all the "must-have" boxes and ask the leasing agent all questions you may have. Write a list of all your questions beforehand: Are the utilities included? Is there parking available? Is the building pet-friendly? Here is a helpful list of some important questions you can ask during your tour. Centurion's dedicated staff will make sure to answer all your questions and give you the full tour of the property.

Can't make it in person? Centurion wants to ensure the safety of both its customers and employees in the current COVID environment. We make it easy for you to visit any of our properties wherever you are! Our leasing agents will happily tour the property with you using Facetime or Skype and answer all your questions. Renting has never been this easy!

4. The Rental Application

The rental application can sometimes be intimidating, especially when it's your first. Make sure to read the full document and ask the leasing agent if anything is unclear. Gather all the necessary documents to avoid any delays in the process. Feeling overwhelmed? No problem! Our leasing agents will walk you through the entire process and make the experience stress-free.

5. Enjoy your new home!

Now the fun begins! Make your new apartment feel like home with your own furniture and call your family and friends to celebrate this new beginning!

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