Renting or buying an apartment?

October 23, 2020
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Pictured: Apartment in Quartier QB, Montreal, Quebec

Torn between purchasing or renting your next apartment? Here are six reasons why renting might be the best option for you!

1. Financial freedom

The biggest benefit of renting your home is not having a financial burden weighting on your shoulders. No mortgage, no property taxes, no down payment! Your rent and deposit will be significantly lower than a potential mortgage or down payment on a property. Renting also offers a much better overview of your finances as your monthly expenses are very predictable.

2. No maintenance burden

Did your oven stop cooperating? No worries! Another benefit of renting is that there are no maintenance costs or repair bills. Your landlord is responsible for all maintenance, improvement, and repair. This is not only a financial blessing but also a major timesaver. Did it snow all night? No need to shovel in the morning, your landlord will take care of it for you. This is the kind of peace of mind renting brings you, and it's priceless. At Centurion, we understand that needing a repair in your apartment can be a significant inconvenience, that is why we made is as easy as a click to make it all go away! You can simply go to our website, click on resident centre and fill out a maintenance request form for a technician to come fix your issue right away.

3. Amazing amenities

How many homeowners do you know that have their own heated pool, fitness room, games room, security cameras, onsite staff, and all while being walking distance from public transit, grocery stores, restaurants and parks? These are only some of the amazing amenities the Centurion properties have to offer!

4. Being a part of a community

It's one thing to find the perfect apartment but being part of a community brings it to a whole new level. Living in a community gives you the opportunity to socially engage with people you would have never met otherwise and to create lifelong friendships!

5. The perfect size

Apartments are built for convenience and are usually on the smaller side, which make them easier to decorate. The upkeep of a smaller apartment compared to a larger dwelling is also much easier. Here is another article to help you transform your new apartment into a cozy home!

6. The short-term lease options

Renting an apartment gives you the freedom that purchasing could never give you. At Centurion, we understand that your free spirit isn't quite ready to settle down yet, that's why we offer short-term leases as little as three months!

Looking for a place to call home? Check out our rental properties at and take advantage of our limited time offers!