St. Patrick's Day

March 8, 2021
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St. Patrick's Day is almost here and (luck)ily we've got tips for you. There's lots you can do to celebrate and have some magical fun (in the safety of your own home)!

1. Family-friendly games

What could be better than staying in and playing games with your family? Enjoy a "Pot of Gold" treasure hunt where the main objective is to search for gold chocolate coins…YUM! If a scavenger hunt is not your thing, grab a variety of green candies and play the guessing game! Everyone gets a turn to guess how many candies are really in the cheating!

2. Green crafts

Today is all about the colour green – green markers, green crayons, green glitter, and green construction paper. You can make gifts for loved ones to help brighten their day. Some crafts you can try are cutting out four leave clovers in a variety of sizes and adding a sprinkle of glitter – hang on the wall and you have some show-stopping artwork. Check out Pinterest to find additional options.

3. Watch a parade

You might not be able to attend in-person, but you can always find a virtual parade to watch as a family online. Dress up in bright green colours and have some fun – don't let the pandemic rain on your parade! If you can't find a parade to watch, you can always have your own at home – this year is all about DIY. Check out different parade options on YouTube.

4. Make t-shirts

You're never too old to make a homemade t-shirt! Find plain green t-shirts and let the kids decorate with colours and glitter to make their own custom design. Not everyone wears green so this is one way you can incorporate a new colour into your wardrobe. No matter what you do, have fun, be safe, and enjoy some family time!

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