Setting your child up for success while learning from home

October 15, 2020
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With the new school year well underway, you might be struggling to adjust to the new normal we are facing. Cheer up! Just because things may not look the way we thought they would, doesn't mean you can't set your child up for success while learning from home!

1. Create a fun environment for your child to learn in

As kids are adjusting to being back in the classroom, things might look a bit different for them. It is therefore essential to create an environment that is conducive to studying at home to ensure your child still gets the full learning experience they deserve! Complement in-person learning by taking advantage of online resources that include fun and simple activities children can do at home. PBS Kids offers a variety of fun and educational games for your child to explore from music to math and science!

2. Limit the amount of TV they watch or the use of devices

This is a great tip in general! It may be tempting and convenient to let your child watch kids channels on TV or educational videos on mobile devices, but it's important to limit their screen time. Allocate an hour or two after homework and studying. This will create boundaries and help them stay on top of more important tasks such as school, or even simple household chores.  

3. Encourage a positive attitude and outlook for learning

It's easy to ask your child to do their homework, but children need more than that. Try to be involved in their schoolwork to identify where they might need some support. Ask your child occasionally how they feel about school and the work they are being assigned. It is also encouraging for children to see their parent(s) actively involved and interested in their schoolwork; it can help motivate them to stay diligent throughout the school year!

4. Allow them to have outdoor play time

A little fresh air, some sunlight, and being active is good for everyone! It's great for children to spend time outdoors to discover the world around them – especially when they get to play with their friends. Outdoor activities help promote a healthy learning environment and teaches kids that it's okay to take breaks and have fun – as long as their homework gets done!

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