I have been living here for eight years now and I like it. The building is very clean. It's in a good location. I'm close to schools, a smart...

I have lived in this building for 19 years. Centurion bought this building last fall and have made many upgrades. They have made our building a living experience and a home to be proud of!! The management is by far superior to any in the past. Keep up the good work. Thank you

Terry K (Toronto)

Well maintained building. A lot of renovation work done recently. Rent is reasonable. Good location. Resident manager Khalid is polite and always ready to help. I enjoy living in this building. 

Gul B. (Mississauga)

Great building, great location, amazing tenants and warm, friendly Supers. Very happy here. Clean and safe, what more could I ask for?!

Amanda M (Hamilton)

I have been living here for eight years now and I like it. The building is very clean. It's in a good location. I'm close to schools, a smart center for shopping and easy access to the bus routes. Thanks to the security, I always feel safe too.

Yvone G (Oshawa)

The new super at 27 Thorncliffe is great! We have lived here for 12 years and she is one of the best. The underground garage has never been cleaner and the garbage is never full. The stairs are swept and free of debris. The laundry room is the biggest improvement. Thank you for  hiring someone who can represent you well!


Magda L. (Toronto)

I have been a resident of a Centurion property for over a year and have had nothing but good experiences with management. They have always been pleasant, friendly and easy to work with. The minor issues that I have had, have been quickly addressed and resolved. They work hard to make sure their residents have a comfortable environment to live in and call home. Centurion also takes good care of their property, keeping public spaces clean and well maintained. I look forward to being a resident for years to come.


M.C. (Cambridge)

I am a resident of your building at 1175 Dundas Street West in Missisauga.  I have been living here since March, 2013.  I am really very much impressed by the services of your Superintendent.  He is customer service focused and available 24/7.  I have 15 years' experience living in rental apartments but I have not found a person like my current Superintendent.  He is caring, hard-working, helpful and a dedicated professional.

Muhammad I. (Mississauga)

I would also like to mention that the service at this location was superb.  The superintendent was absolutely accommodating and quickly replied to our every need and inquiry.  She is an absolute Super-Star and the new tenants are lucky to have her as a neighbour.  Thank you to Centurion Properties and your staff for a wonderful year!

Tara M (Oshawa)

I have lived here for a year and a half. The building is always clean and bright. The people who live here are friendly, neighbourly and always willing to lend a hand. I am particularly impressed with the security of the building. There are cameras in all of the common areas and you need a swipe card to gain entry. Most importantly, the Super does a great job. He is friendly yet professional. He takes pride in the building’s appearance, keeps it clean and watches over the tenants.

Linda O (Oshawa)

I am writing this letter to thank you and the wonderful Manager and Staff at Kingswood Apartments for the outstanding treatment we received when were showed around the apartment. My husband and I had spent several days in Kitchener looking at many Apartments and we hadstarted to feel defeated. Apartments that we had seen were just a mess, places that were not taken care of.  We were very pleased with the Superintendent's approach to us, she took time to find out what we were looking for before we even entered the building. The building was well maintained, very clean and inviting. The staff showed passion for her buildings. She made us feel at home.

For the Staff, words can only say how much you made this move a stress free one for us. We truly feel home.



Catherine and Mark

Catherine & Mark (Kitchener)